Testing Details

Specify Test Strategy

  • Fast to specify reusable test-suit specifications
  • Support several coverage criteria
  • Support specifying random parameters for test data generation
  • Modular testing of system, sub-systems or components

Generate Test-suite

  • Easy and quick to get a test suite on the fly
  • Fully automatic test-suite generation

Simulate Test-cases

  • Simulate a test-case using the AutoFOCUS3 simulator with one click
  • Easy to analyze the internal system status

Update Test-suite

  • Fast update of test-suites in case of model modification

Coverage Report

  • See the coverage result of a test suite

Support Refinement Test

  • Perform testing in requirement analysis phase
  • Apply requirement-oriented test-cases on the architecture level
  • Reuse test-cases from requirement level up to native code level

Verify Test-suite with Native Code

  • Generate native test codes using the AutoFOCUS code generator
  • Test system on the byte code level


Hernán Ponce de León