Model-based Integrated Requirements Analysis (MIRA)

Glossary and Requirements Sources

  • Create a glossary for important terms
  • Document sources of requirements like stakeholders, external systems and documents
  • Terms and sources are highlighted in the requirements
  • Extract them directly from the requirements
  • Add synonyms, abbreviations and pictures
  • Get statistics and detailed information on the usage of terms
  • Find similar terms

Requirements Specification

  • Specify textual requirements and use cases
  • Detail use cases with structured text templates
  • Formalize requirements and use cases using the AutoFOCUS3 modeling language
  • Structure requirements with packages

Requirements Hierarchy

  • Link requirements by various trace link types
  • Visualize links between requirements in a hierarchy view
  • Navigate between linked requirements easily

Integration with Architecture

  • Connect requirements and use cases to the logical architecture by a simple link
  • Specify a formal refinement from requirements or use cases to the logical architecture
  • Get an overview of all requirements and use cases for one component

Requirements Analysis and Verification

  • Add and administer a manual checklist for every requirement and use case
  • Adjustable XML-based checklist template
  • Automatically check requirements for completeness, correctness, and consistency
  • Use refinement functions for requirements verification and requirements-based test cases


  • Create reports for a set of requirements or all requirements
  • Create reports in Word (Windows only) and HTML
  • Easily adjust the templates for the report defined in XML
  • Export glossaries, requirements and use cases to ReqIF format