AutoFOCUS3 is Easy to Use

  • Non-cluttered user interface
  • Many provided examples

Easy simulation

  • Start simulation easily from the model
  • Simulate test-cases

Modeling Architecture

  • Model the architecture of the system with components
  • Get easily different views over the system
  • Easy specification of the semantics of components
  • Traceability between architecture and requirements

Advanced Interaction with the Simulated System

  • Different visual ways to give the desired inputs
  • Different visual ways to display the system outputs

Modeling Behaviour

  • Express behaviour using state automata, source code, or tables
  • Modeling of advanced behaviour using modes
  • Linking behaviour elements to requirements

Animation of Different System Aspects

  • Automata are animated: active states and transitions are displayed to be followed easily
  • Components are animated: channel values are displayed as they change


Hernán Ponce de León