New Deployment

  • Possibility to model in AF3 the hardware architecture
  • Deployment model allowing to map software to hardware components

Code Generation for Components

  • Easy C code generation
  • Integrate the generated code with your hand-written code.

Drag and Drop Deployment

  • Easy deployment by drag and drop
  • Map logical ports to hardware ports

Code Generation for Deployments

  • Easy code generation for a given deployement
  • Code synthesis of application and execution platform

Editing Deployment Mapping

  • Already defined mappings can be viewed, edited or removed in the Deployment mappings view
  • This is as well possible for ports and transceivers

Ready to Use with GCC

  • Full code synthesis of component code and platform abstraction
  • Ready to use with GCC: “./configure && make”
  • Root Makefile and on-the-fly ECU-specific Makefile creation


Florian Hölzl