Tutorial presented in the context of the Dreams project

Duration: 06:35 min

Duration: 05:59 min

Duration: 04:05 min

Loading Standard Examples

This video presents how to load and simulate a standard example.

Duration: 04:04 min

Define Projects from Scratch

This video presents how to define a project from scratch that can be simulated.

Duration: 03:23 min

Model-Based Requirements Engineering

This video presents requirements engineering within AF3.

Duration: 04:58 min

Performing Model-Checking

This video presents some of the AF3 verification features.

Duration: 04:53 min

Generating C code

This video presents the use of the C code generator as well as the Deployment generator.

Duration: 03:45 min

Operator Panels and Simulation

This video presents modelling of operator panels and system simulation based on these.

Duration: 07:17 min

Scheduling with AF3 "Phoenix":

This video presents how to generate scheduling with AF3.

Duration: 01:51 min

MSC feasibility with AF3 "Phoenix":

This video presents how to check the feasibility of a given use case within a given architecture AF3.

Duration: 06:41 min

AF3 Fortiss Open Day

AF3 Automotive Model-Based Development

Short overview over requirements engineering

One-minute slideshow about requirements engineering in AF3.

Duration: 1:00 min

Maintaining consistency between requirements and design

Demonstration on requirement change impact analysis in AF3.

Duration: 8:54 min





OLD Screencasts (for AF3 "Showcase")

Loading Standard Example

This video represents how to load a standard example using Autofocus.

Duration: 02:25 min

Model Checking and Installing SMV under Windows

This video represents use of Modelchecking with Autofous.

Duration: 08:41 min

Automatic Testing

This video represents how to do Automatic Testing using Autofocus.

Duration: 10:13 min