Version 2.9 released!

10. Februar 2016

AF3 version 2.9 has been released.

We are proud to announce the release of AF3 version 2.9!

This release includes long-awaited design space exploration features, like multi-rate scheduling analysis or a graphical deployment editor. A perspective making the DSE process easier is under active development and present in an experimental stage. Many technical improvements (not directly user-visible) have been achieved including, e.g., hierarchic schedule metamodel, or an exploration metamodel that allows for solver-independent specification of design objectives and constraints.

On the technical side, AF3 now requires Java 8, an experimental full integration of Z3 (i.e., without need for a separate installation), as well as the integration of nuXmv, the successor of NuSMV.

Vincent Aravantinos, on behalf of the AF3 development team


Hernán Ponce de León