Pacemaker Software Certification


Basic Information of the pacemaker:

Electronic pacemakers provide approximately half a million people with a better quality and prolonged life. Due to the use of complex software to control their functioning, pacemakers are currently highly sophisticated cardiac rhythm managers capable of correcting a myriad of complex heart abnormalities.

The primary function of a typical pacemaker is to sense a person’s heartbeat, and pace the heart via electric stimulation when irregularities are detected. This is accomplished in many different ways due the variances found in heart conditions. Depending on the external parameters, pacemakers can have more than 20 modes of functioning. A typical example of a pacemaker (pulse generator) implanted in the heart.

How Autofocus3 is useful?

The goal of this project is to show how to build tested and trustable medical device software. Af3 provides a platform which gives the developer the opportunity to manage all steps in one tool. Starting by describing and specifying the Requirements, to modeling the system architecture, the hardware platform and complete generation of the code.


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