Emergency Shutdown Module (Danfoss)


Emergency Shutdown Module with AF3:

Basic Information of the Emergency Stop Module:

The case study is an emergency shutdown module for a frequency converter that is used in multiple application in the industry to control the speed of an electronic motor.  The emergency shutdown module provides several safety functions: The Safe Torque Off (STO), which will coast (e.g. stop) the electrical motor that is controlled by the frequency converter and the Safe Stop (SS1), that slowly stops the electrical motor.

How AutoFocus3 is useful?

The goal of this project is to show how to build up a real-world demonstrator. DANFOSS Electronics provides this use-case. AF3 provides a platform which gives the developer the opportunity to manage all steps in one tool. Starting by describing and specifying the Requirements, to modeling the system architecture, the hardware platform and complete generation of the code. After the development one can run a variety of analyses or to check general quality attributes. After modeling the Emergency – Shutdown module and it´s multi-core platform architecture an optimized timing behavior can be generated, w.r.t. an optimized access to the shared – memory based platform. Based on this timing C-Code is generated that can be deployed on our FPGA-based NIOSII multicore-platform.


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