New Features in 2.11


  • Export AF3 Component Architecture to the FMU format (Functional Mockup Interface). Now only for Windows, GCC
  • GUI improvements:

    • Back button to go back to the last editor
    • Even simpler development environment: removed numerous buttons and views which were seldom used, replaced them by contextual options which appear only when relevant
    • New constraint system (experimental and applies only to some specific constraints): constraints get verified without needing to save, context menu provides more information on the constraint
    • Copy and paste actions for most Annotations in the Table (visible after right-click on an annotation cell). NOTE: These actions are only available for non-derived annotations, e.g. not available for the "Flash size" annotation in Component Architectures

Requirements Engineering (MIRA)

  • Traces can be reviewed:

    • History Log, which displays time, review status, author name and review message
    • Author Field
    • Review message field now works for both cases, negative and positive reviews

Testing and Formal Verification

  • "Live" formal verification:

    • Temporal logic patterns for traces and tests in the V&V Dashboard
    • Bound verification
    • Dead state and non-determinism as constraints

  • Complete reimplementation of model checking

Design Space Exploration

  • Routing of messages between logical components is now considered when performing a deployment synthesis
  • New constraint patterns were added:

    • Function coupling constraint pattern
    • Safety constraint pattern
    • Memory constraint pattern


  • Improving the safety cases and requirements pattern meta-model

 A Glimpse of 2.12

  • New reworked DSE perspective
  • Development process support
  • Variability modeling & management

Detailed changes

# Subject
2855 [code review] exploration(.ui)
2844 Generation of PikeOS configuration fails
2840 [patch] Migrators are not run during startup on the models that reside in the workspace
2836 Bounds do not get updated when modified in the port property section
2829 links "Simple Table Specification", "Advanced Table Specification" are not reflected at the "AF3 Help Content" part.
2828 Deprecated information about features from deleted toolbar such as "Semantic Inspector" and etc.
2825 Deprecated screenshots in "Help" documentation (part "Testing and formal verification").
2823 Deprecated screenshots in "Help" documentation (part "Library").
2812 [Analysis] error while running nusmv when an enum (not previously referred) is used for an output port
2809 functions with integer parameter
2799 Export to FMU
2797 Provide consistent information how to obtain Z3
2793 [GUI] Remove all toolbar buttons related to analyses
2791 NPE in DSE Perspective
2790 [Code generation] integer types are wrong
2789 [Analysis] Reachability analysis fails
2788 [Analysis] Reachability analysis: no state is offered for selection for trace
2784 [safety] Move secondary attributes in context menu
2781 [safety] Names of the elements Strategy, Assumption and Justification in the editor
2771 Update text form tutorial to match screenshot
2765 [safety] Selecting(clicking) any element in the editor
2759 Speed up assignment of IDs in compositors
2744 many to one channel is being allowed
2739 Model checks fail if a strongly causal component is connected to a weakly causal one
2735 DSE: Deployment Generation with Basic Constraints
2734 Categorization of Constraints and objectives
2733 Schedule UI / Gantt Chart: Improve visualization of resource schedules with different periods
2732 Remove dependency of mira.ui on component.ui
2731 Remove dependency from mira.ui on state.ui
2730 [Context menu] context menu to add prototypes on transition segments
2727 [Constraints] Move fixes from IConstraint to IConstraintUI
2726 [Constraints] Store checksums per constrained and not per constraint instance
2725 [Formal verification] Temporal logic patterns as constraints
2722 [Requirements] Editing facilities for signals
2721 [Requirement] Constraints on signals
2720 [Type] Parser problem in the bounds of integer type
2717 [Requirements] Signal/Interface Requirements
2716 [Analyses] ASSIGN construct can not deduce viability of assignments
2715 Redundant data in NuSMV File - Remove Statevariable
2714 [Analyses integer sets instead of signed words in NuSMV
2712 [Analyses] Temporal logic patterns in V&V Dashboard
2709 SWT Resource Leaks
2706 move the bounds for integers to the type system
2702 [Analysis] Tests derived from requirements
2701 [GUI]Default icon fon constraints
2700 [MIRA] Requirement contains test as a constraint
2698 [constraints] constraints in guards of a transition
2697 [Testing] Remove mutation tests
2696 testing.ui has a dependency on mira.ui
2695 [MIRA] Author non empty as a new constraint
2694 [Analysis] Contract for bound verification
2693 [Editor] Highlighting an edit part in an editor does not highlight connectors
2692 [MIRA] NPE when displaying statistics of a requirements package
2691 Delete resources that directly or indirectly reference an AF3 project to be deleted
2690 [Analyses][Constraints] multiple assignments to a port in a single transition
2689 [Analyses] weakly causal transformation is buggy
2682 eCar example throws exception when loaded
2653 Get rid of org.fortiss.tooling.base.dnd.ConnectionDragContext.isValidSource()
2634 [Analysis] Warning message in case of activation of resource-consuming constraint
2608 [Requirements] Extend review to get a history and an autor
2603 [Analysis] Bound verification as constraint
2593 Back button
2568 [AF3 Component UI] Imported packages break plugin dependency architecture.
2565 [Analysis] Dead state as constraints
2563 [Analyses] new GUI
2559 [Review] Reviews should contain history and author
2558 [Testing] Constraint for statistic coverage
2533 HierarchicElementConnectionCompositorBase.connect(): targetConnector and sourceConnector are swapped
2479 [code review] platform(.ui)
2459 [Analysis] Make non-determinism as a contract
2419 [Code review] generated GUI-related code should not be could reviewed
2406 Checkbox-Icon of Boolean Annotations not visible in Gnome/GTK environments
2383 MIRA: Analysis Node opens slowely
2361 [Annotation View] Provide control to apply value to multiple rows
2299 [Analysis] Allows to model-check models containing functions referring to structures
2124 [Analyses] Translation to NuSMV does not preserve non-determinism for weakly causal components
2071 Simulation out of MSC Conformity Check shows not expected things
2069 AG, Contracts, Patterns: Include functions
2065 NuSMV: Analysis fails for Array type ports
1922 Tables documentation
1872 [safety] Improving the safety cases and requirements pattern metamodel
1119 Ecore Model Generator does not remove unused source files